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Imagine if you could choose a restaurant and and put a high definition, digital advertisement for your brand, product or services on the tables.

Imagine if you could do the same on 5 or 10 locations.  Or maybe even hundreds of locations.

Imagine if your product or brand could be Guaranteed Seen for Hours a day by people sitting at a meal, enjoying a coffee or simply hanging out.

You no longer have to imagine… Introducing the OneStone Advertising Network!

[tmpmela_list][list_item color=”#000000″ icon=”fa-hand-o-right”]ADVERTISE ON BEAUTIFUL 7” HD DISPLAYS[/list_item][list_item color=”#000000″ icon=”fa-hand-o-right”]NO OUTLETS NEEDED – REACHING NEW LOCATIONS[/list_item][list_item color=”#000000″ icon=”fa-hand-o-right”]CAPTIVE AUDIENCE FOR MAXIMUM IMPRESSIONS[/list_item][list_item color=”#000000″ icon=”fa-hand-o-right”]CONTENT CHANGED VIA WIFI FOR REAL TIME AD CHANGES[/list_item][list_item color=”#000000″ icon=”fa-hand-o-right”]UNITS QUICKLY RECHARGE OVERNIGHT[/list_item][list_item color=”#000000″ icon=”fa-hand-o-right”]BUILT-IN CABLES & USB PORTS FOR CHARGING MULTIPLE DEVICES[/list_item][/tmpmela_list]

Advertising Basics Explained

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[service style=”2″ title=”Guaranteed Seen Ads” icon=”fa-globe” color=”#aaaaaa”]Based on the venues you chose and by utilizing accurate monthly customer count as well as customer dwell time we are able to calculate how long your content will be in front of actual customers. You never have to pay for unseen ads again![/service]
[service style=”2″ title=”Image Control from Anywhere” icon=”fa-comments” color=”#aaaaaa”]With Wifi Controlled Units and a Cloud Based Content Management System, Rolling out new marketing messages, campaigns, sweepstakes and promotions has never been easier! New slide or video can be uploaded and within minutes your message will be in all desired locations![/service]
[service style=”2″ title=”Proper Impression Rates” icon=”fa-heart” color=”#aaaaaa”]During a psychological retention study of advertising content studies shown to achieve maximum retention impression needed to be ~10 seconds with repetition.
Patron dwell time at most food/bar locations average 45 minutes! Allowing for optimum repetition and content retention.[/service]
[service style=”2″ title=”Positive Experience means Conversions” icon=”fa-plug” color=”#aaaaaa”]Customers are charging their phone thus getting a FREE service while looking at your advertising. This means they have a subliminal positive experience which raises positive experience thus raises conversions.[/service]
[service style=”2″ title=”Premium Content Management” icon=”fa-th” color=”#aaaaaa”]Our New OneStone Content Management System means you can be assured your message is on your devices when you want them and how you want them. Upload your art from anywhere in the world and simply ‘Publish’ to your Hubs.[/service]
[service style=”2″ title=”Instigate Conversation” icon=”fa-play-circle” color=”#aaaaaa”]Premium Placement for Ads. Studies have shown Digital Ads when placed at point of decision yield a 33% increase in purchase according to Nielsen Case Studies. You now can have the ability to put ads in front of people that are having a positive experience. Your advertising can instigate conversation![/service]
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