HD Expo Charging Lounge

HD Expo Charging Lounge to be outfitted with OneStone Hubs! The Digital Advertising & Mobile Charging Stations that will change the game for Mobile Charging for your customers.

OneStone, a technology leader in providing Consumer Advertising Mobile Charging Stations that display beautiful HD advertising while allowing the public to charge their mobile devices is partnering with Hospitality Design Expo to power up Expo Attendees and keep their phones charged, and they are doing it in style!

American Fork, Utah, Mar 19, 2018 OneStone is set to debut the OneStone Hub to the Hospitality Design world via the Hospitality Design Expo (HD EXPO) on May 1-3rd 2018 at Mandalay Bay.   OneStone is proud to work with the executives of Emerald Expo to coordinate efforts in providing a Mobile Charging Lounge in the middle of the HD Expo for the convenience of their attendees. Multiple OneStone Hubs will be placed in and around the Upscale HD Expo Charging Lounge. Attendees will be able to charge their devices from the OneStone Hubs while meeting at cocktail tables, relaxing on the multiple couches or sitting at the bar-tops. The Hubs have built in cables for 90% of all phone types and prove free mobile charging for any who need while displaying dynamic digital graphics on the dual sided High Definition Displays. HD Expo recognizes the need for their attendees to stay charged up at the events as well as the need for their attendees to explore charging options for their own customers in their own venues. OneStone applauds the forward thinking and professionalism of Emerald Expo and HD Expo in this collaboration effort.

“When a person’s phone dies, they loose their mind and need to find a way to charge immediately! In Fact more than 32% of people will leave a venue when their phone dies!” says David Schooley, OneStone Chief of Business Development and Marketing, “And in our upwardly mobile lifestyles, a phone is your most essential tool for business, communication, social life and more. A staggering 83% of people claim that a dead phone resulted in either lost business, lost jobs or arguments between co-workers, customers and relationships.” David continues, “Our product allows you to be the hero and stop the madness! This is why we are so proud to provide the most technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing product available allowing venues to provide the very needed Free Mobile Charging Service to their customers, all while allowing the venue to gain new business, showcase offers and increase sales.”

Tase Thompson, CEO of OneStone, says, “Elegant Design with High Functionality and Purpose is a goal realized with the OneStone Hub. You can now keep your patrons happy by offering Free Phone Charging stations at every table, psychologically associating your brand with a positive and lasting impression. Both the advertising and customer engagement possibilities are endless! This is precisely why we were able to work seamlessly with HD Expo to supply charging at their upcoming event and why we are actively collaborating on partnerships of the like with Advertising Agencies, Digital Marketing Agencies, Hospitality Venues, Restaurant Chains and of course Event Coordinators.”

About the OneStone Hub – The Worlds Best Digital Table Tent, Advertising Mobile Phone Charging Unit. The beautiful designed small footprint Table Top unit with dual high definition displays allows you place the units anywhere you like. Utilizing their internal high capacity batteries, the units can run the displays and charge upwards of 40+ phones a day without being wired to an outlet. You simply re-charge them quickly overnight and place them anywhere you like each day. With a cloud based content management system, you change advertising as often as you like via Wifi.




David Schooley, Chief Business Development & Marketing
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