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The OneStone Hub is the world’s Best Digital Table Tent and Phone Charger all in one!  The first of it’s kind, the OneStone Hub Provides Free Phone Charging For Your Customers, While you Advertise in HD and control the content via Wifi from anywhere!

With our 40,200mAh OneStone Hub you can charge up to 40 Phones a Day per hub with no need for power outlets at the tables because of high capacity internal power banks. Save Thousands from hardwiring to tables in your establishment. The OneStone Phone Charging Stations offer the freedom of placing your mobile charging stations on every table & anywhere you want. Simply re-charge at night and place back out!

[tmpmela_list][list_item color=”#000000″ icon=”fa-hand-o-right”]ADVERTISE ON BEAUTIFUL 7” HD DISPLAYS[/list_item][list_item color=”#000000″ icon=”fa-hand-o-right”]NO OUTLETS NEEDED – REACHING NEW LOCATIONS[/list_item][list_item color=”#000000″ icon=”fa-hand-o-right”]CAPTIVE AUDIENCE FOR MAXIMUM IMPRESSIONS[/list_item][list_item color=”#000000″ icon=”fa-hand-o-right”]CONTENT CHANGED VIA WIFI FOR REAL TIME AD CHANGES[/list_item][list_item color=”#000000″ icon=”fa-hand-o-right”]UNITS QUICKLY RECHARGE OVERNIGHT[/list_item][list_item color=”#000000″ icon=”fa-hand-o-right”]BUILT-IN CABLES & USB PORTS FOR CHARGING MULTIPLE DEVICES[/list_item][/tmpmela_list]
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[service style=”2″ title=”USA Based Company” icon=”fa-globe” color=”#aaaaaa”]OneStone is a USA based company with USA Inventory, Shipping, Quality Control, Warranty, Repairs, Research and Design. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of offerings and have developed many new accessories and have more products to come.[/service]
[service style=”2″ title=”Engage Your Customer” icon=”fa-comments” color=”#aaaaaa”]Advertise your best Dinner & Drink Specials, Fastest Turnaround Plates, or Highest Margin Plates and Offers as they WILL instigate conversation and sales! Most restaurants report an uptick of sales of advertised offers by as much as 15-30%[/service]
[service style=”2″ title=”Elegant Design” icon=”fa-heart” color=”#aaaaaa”]We made sure to put extra effort into the aesthetics of our OneStone Hubs so you can be proud to display them on your tables. Beauty Function and Reliability are good ways to describe our OneStone Digital Table Tent, Advertiser and Phone Chargers![/service]
[service style=”2″ title=”An Overkill of Power” icon=”fa-plug” color=”#aaaaaa”]The 40K mAh Power Banks in the OneStone Hubs mean that you can be open 18 hour days and give 40+ phones a day a good power boost while still running the dual screens. By plugging them in every night and putting them out every day.. you will never be out of power.[/service]
[service style=”2″ title=”Premium Content Management” icon=”fa-th” color=”#aaaaaa”]Our New OneStone Content Management System means you can be assured your message is on your devices when you want them and how you want them. Upload your art from anywhere in the world and simply ‘Publish’ to your Hubs.[/service]
[service style=”2″ title=”Easy to Use” icon=”fa-play-circle” color=”#aaaaaa”]You can now offer Free phone charging on any table without having to install any power outlets! Simple and Easy.. yet Effective and Awesome![/service]
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