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OneStone, a technology leader in providing Consumer Advertising Mobile Charging Stations that display beautiful HD advertising while allowing the public to charge their mobile devices will be at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago!

American Fork, Utah, May 9th, 2018.  Coming off of an amazing couple of shows at the NightClub&Bar show in March  then Honored to be the Official Charging Station Partner of the Hospitality Design Expo (HD EXPO) in May, OneStone is off to a huge bang showing the hospitality and restaurant worlds that they are a force of Advertising and Phone Charging potential like never before seen. “We feel blessed as a company to deliver such a timely, functional and needed product to the industry”, says Trevor Shaw, OneStone Chief of Operations, “We are truly hitting Two Birds with One Stone as we deliver the much needed function of offering phone charging to the public at tables while allowing the Restaurant or Venue the ability to advertise their offers on beautiful rotating HD graphics… All without wiring to the tables!”

Rated one of the “5 Biggest Bar Trends” at the NightClub&Bar Show 2018 by the Las Vegas Review Journal,  OneStone Hubs are a next generation, digital table tent that have built in phone charging cables (Micro usb, Type C & Apple) for 99% of all phone types and enough power to charge 40+ phones a day from their high capacity internal batteries, so no wiring, and simply recharge at night.  They are even Wifi controlled so you can manage the graphics from corporate office and change your digital graphics on the dual sided High Definition Displays as often as you want.

“When a person’s cell phone dies, they loose their mind and need to find a way to charge immediately! In Fact more than 32% of people will leave a venue when their phone dies! That is another round of drinks or desert sales LOST!” says David Schooley, OneStone Chief of Business Development and Marketing, “And 22% of people admit they will order something at a bar or restaurant just for a place to sit and charge their phone… IF that place has phone charging.”  David continues, “In addition to bringing in customers, with OneStone Hubs you now have the ability to gain up to 25% more sales by utilizing the beautiful display to advertise your services, offers, drink specials, dinner specials, catering, memberships & more! Many of our existing customers boast 25-35% increase in over-all sales ticket totals as a result of utilizing the advertising to promote specials, upsells & more.”

“We are looking forward to showing the OneStone Hub to the Restaurant World at the NRA Show 2018.” says, Tase Thompson, CEO of OneStone, “Elegant Design with High Functionality and Purpose is a goal realized with the OneStone Hub. NRA Show attendees are the core of Restaurant Owners will appreciate the ability to keep their patrons happy by offering Free Phone Charging stations at every table, thus psychologically associating your brand with a positive and lasting impression. And those with franchises or multiple locations will be happy to know you can control the images from an online Back Office, as the units are all Wifi Updated with your latest graphics and ads!”

About the OneStone Hub – The Worlds Best Digital Table Tent, Advertising Mobile Phone Charging Unit. The beautiful designed small footprint Table Top unit houses dual high definition displays allowing you place the units anywhere you like.  Utilizing their internal high capacity batteries, the units can run the displays and charge upwards of 40+ phones a day without being wired to an outlet.  You simply re-charge them quickly overnight and place them anywhere you like each day.  With a cloud based content management system, you change advertising as often as you like via Wifi from anywhere in the world.

The Advertising Network – The OneStone Hubs distribution in restaurants, hotels, cafés, coffee houses, bowling alleys, salons and more, allow for a wide-spread and ever-growing advertising network potential for advertisers seeking localized and national advertising directly to the public in a digital table top hub. The OneStone proprietary Ad Buy Structure means you Only pay for Guaranteed Seen Ad Time! You can choose your Target Venues and work with small or large budgets.

Contact us if you are interested in Advertising on OneStone Hub, Hosting OneStone Hubs in your Venue or even becoming a OneStone Rep.


David Schooley, Chief Business Development & Marketing

David @ OneStoneHub .com

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